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{~♚  There’s a deep chuckle that resonates from his lips at her statement. Not that he would be unwilling or unwanting of a round two with the woman he loves. Though it will be to keep showing her just how much he adores and loves her in the entirety that is her being.

Letting his lips move lightly against her own, feeling the emotion and love that fall from her into him fills him up with a joy he cannot hope to describe. Wishing that his kiss conveys the same level of love and adoration that she& rsquo;s pouring into him. 

Hands holding her a bit more intimately, lovingly. Wanting to keep her against him for a mere moment longer.  Letting himself stay lost in this moment with her, for just few more minutes. Allowing himself to feel that the world is all right.

      “I will do absolutely anything to
    keep you happy Rapunzel.
    Whatever it is you desire.”

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Living Art || Rapunzel and Hans



It was all she could do to stop her from throwing herself at him with an enthusiastic kiss. Instead, she leaned in slowly, caressed his face with tender fingers, trailed them along his jaw, before closing the distance and pressing her lips to his in a slow but warm kiss. Her heart pounded in her chest. Would he like this? Would he reciprocate? Tantalizing thoughts of the possibilities of where this may eventually lead filled her head and warmed her cheeks.

{~♚  There’s a moment where the auburn haired man had no clue what was going on. Though there’s a trust there that prevent’s him from moving away, and lets the fingers that molded him caress over his face and leave a light trail across his jaw. 

  Emerald eyes watching the woman curiously as he leans forward and presses her lips to his, catching him off guard for a moment. An unsure air swirls around him as he’s not exactly positive on what he should do, but it’s not an awful feeling. Her lips are soft as the press against his, so he mirrors her actions and lets his lips move to press against hers as well.

  His own hands cupping her face as his subconscious tilts his head so their noses aren’t uncomfortably pressed together. Though his heart is pounding heavily in his chest with each passing second their lips are united. Wanting to know what this is, and does it always make one feel…like this.  ♚~}

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Rapunzel knew that voice, and didn’t need to look up to know who it was addressing her. She went about cleaning up her mess, passing off her inability to meet those dark eyes as nonchalance. Really, a part of her was terrified. And the words that came out, scathing, made the petite blond flinch a little.

She couldn’t come up with anything to say, and it didn’t matter, because the other was gone, and Rapunzel had another mess to clean. She was glad her paper wasn’t particularly heavy, but several sheets came loose and scattered across the floor.

Frustrated and feeling near tears, she began to gather them up before they could get trampled or torn.

She wasn’t as king for Hans’ attention, and she had no intention of giving him anything. This was college. Shouldn’t the other students have grown up a little by now?

{~♚  The woman has simply sauntered away, in that time Hans reappears with his satchel slung over his shoulder in order to go do his next class. When green hues dance over to the girl, she’s on the floor gathering her papers as well as the canvas that’s been toppled over next to her. 

  A tight frown pulls at his lips before shifting over to pick it up and place it back on the easel. 

      “Are you all right?”

  Not having seen what’s happened, but there’s a slight notion as to what could have taken place. The young woman does not appear to be that much of a klutz to have spilled over her art supplies twice. With as much care th at goes into her work, he figures she takes pride in taking care of the utensils she uses to create them.

  Falling into a crouch the auburn haired man helps her pick up the scattered items that seem to fan out around the now sullen and upset girl.  ♚~}

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Elsa chuckles and leaves Hans to his examination. She’s running late for her morning council meeting, one she would like to avoid, again. The pressure to marry and start producing heirs has never been so heavy on her shoulders and she wishes her heart could agree with her head so the idea of marrying for politics and not love wouldn’t feel suffocating, but Queens do not always get what they want, contrary to what people may believe. 

Her kingdom’s needs come first.


How long can she spend waiting for Hans to declare h is love for her and court her properly? He’s called Arendelle his home and faithfully served her for five years since his penance began and there is no denying how she feels for him, but does he feel the same? She can only hope to find out before it’s too late.

{~♚  The examination proves the queen to have been right all along. He is undoubtedly ill. No doubt for pursuing the long hours of working late into the night in an effort to aide the queen in at least some of her duties and remove them from her shoulders. 

  Though he feels he could be doing much more for her, giving him a home once more and aiding in helping him feel comfortable enough to call this kingdom his home. The time he nearly ended her life seems eons ago. Though he is sure that some are convinced he is not so pure in his intentions no matter what he does. 

  Having be en given medicine to help bring the fever down as well as keep his coughing under control, Hans drifted into a light sleep, though his mind still on the work that he needs to get done for Elsa. She does so much and continues to prove herself as the rightful queen this kingdom deserves. 

                                                      But does he? 

  Are those few naysayers right in believing he is not worthy of their beloved queen? Does he honestly love her? Or is he grasping onto the ideal that he can actually have a kingdom again? The thought terrifi es him. He does love her, he would die for her. Travel across the world if she asked him too. He would go to war to protect her people, but more importantly…her. 

Is that love? Is what he’s feeling love? Or is it loyalty? Simple loyalty to the crown that has given him a home? Can someone who has never been shown how to love, has never even felt to have been loved…love someone?

  His form tosses and turns in his bed, unrest no given as his mind starts to whisper words that tell him he is not in love with her but the ideal that she gave him. Welcomed him…chest heaving as sweat starts to form on his brow and cause disheveled bangs to stick against his forehead.


  His lips mutter her name softly, as if pleading for her to help him find the answer. Though logic informs him he&rsquo ;s the only one that can answer the question that plagues him; does he truly love and deserve the queen of Arendelle?  ♚~}

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continued from

Oh, Lord Baelish was familiar with such things. How many clients had come with the desire to be found? To be watched? In such men as frequented his establishment, such an urge repulsed him. But….in this great specimen…

Leave it at he was grateful to be the one doing the finding, for once.

He took a step in, ensuring the door closed behind him, the heavy thunk of oak loud in the silence of the room. The man before him was…truly something to behold. And he’d thought the ladies of the court foolish when they described their lovers as “divine” when the y were particularly good looking. Petyr could honestly say he understood the temptation to compare man to gods in that moment. 

“You certainly aren’t being modest….Your Grace…”

{~♚  Most of time Hans presents himself as ‘modest’ and even ‘humble’ though he would really have to be a fool not to see and understand how attractive and well built he is. After all looks can be used to one’s advantage if the situation and predicament where to align in  a way it can be. Though, as of this moment, Hans isn’t purposely being confident. His proud of how his form appears, he’s the one who built it up after all. 

  So the gaze the other holds on him isn’t one he’s a stranger too, after all he’d been getting them since he started to mature. 

      “< b>If I were less modest I would not have had the decency and left my form completely revealed with door open. Besides, who is to say I wasn’t absent minded and accidentally left it open a ways. Speaking of, I don’t recall hearing a knock before you entered.”

  Joking entirely, Hans is not the slightest bit offended that the other just came in. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t noticed the otherwise subtle looks no one else notices. 

      “Was there something I could help you with?”      ♚~}

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Prince Hans doesn’t look the best in my style, but I decided I wanted to draw him from the dungeon scene in Chapter 4 of Mirror’s Edge where Elsa approaches him in chains for the first time since he tried to kill them both.

Way to rip my heart out, Hans.

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“ (X)



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Ah, yes. My first post to this blog and it’s a butt naked Hans…  YOU GONNA HAVE TO THANK ME MATHILDA. DRAWING NAKED MEN IS HARD.

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